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New Naturaliss hay for rabbits and rodents

Rabbits and rodents will have, from now on, a more varied diet thanks to the release of two new varieties of Cunipic hay. Included within the range Naturaliss, they are foods that will contribute to the pets in the same positive way as if they were living in the wild, and at the same time, they will be eating completely natural food.

One of the new products is Orchard Grass Hay with Apples. It is made from the seeds of Ray Grass Westerworld. It contains only young leaves, cut no later than 20 days after the plant started to grow to ensure obtaining fresh hay, not dry or woody, and greener than the rest of the available hay in the market. This process ensures its excellent nutritional properties for rabbits and rodents. And also in the process of growing this variety of hay, water is used in a responsible and sustainable way. This variety of Cunipic hay is accompanied with small pieces of apple grown in northern Spain, which contributes to a more varied diet for the pet.

The other reference that Cunipic has recently launched is Mountain Hay with Olive Leaves. It is made from Festuca hay, Demeter variety, which is greener, fresher and more aromatic. A delight for the senses of small pets! Furthermore, this hay has a rich botanical diversity and it is grown in the mountains and sun-dried. It isn’t dehydrated, so it ensures levels of protein and fiber and the smell and taste of natural hay. Olive leaves give a touch of the healthy Mediterranean diet to it and also improve its palatability and variety to the diet of the pet.

The two new references are highly palatable, they are also rich in vitamin C and A, potassium, stimulate metabolism and improve digestion, and are also good for dental care of rabbits and herbivorous rodents.

Place an order at your store!! Your pet will love them!

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