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Naturaliss is a range of complete feeding that also includes snacks and emulators that rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas that are in the wild. It is a 100% natural product, without added colorants, with a high quality in its diversity of plants and the aromas provided by a bag. It includes a wide variety of plants that help with tooth wear and a multitude of properties for the body and the mental health of pets. Eating Naturaliss it will be a feast for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas.


“We would like to be with you and your pet from the first day, helping you build an excellent relationship that it grow healthy , strong and enjoy a long and happy life”

Ingredients that make Naturaliss an incomparable product

The cold pressing technique is a process that protects the raw material , and does not subject
it to high temperatures that denaturalize its ingredients. With this system the ingredients, although they do not stick together, form a compact mass or pellet. This method stimulates the organism of the animal and optimizes the assimilation of the food, since it keeps much better its proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Wild hay of the mountains of the Pyrenees, in which there is almost no presence of human intervention. This offers a food free of pesticides and without artificial colorants or preservatives, offering the little rodent the best hay for proper dental wear.
The flowers are the last element to complete a balanced and varied diet for our pet. They provide a variety of wild plants that brings the product a great flavor, a lot of freshness and an excellent aroma. This selection adapts perfectly to the needs of each rodent taking care of their daily health and getting close to the food they would take in nature.

What makes Naturaliss unique?

Naturaliss is made with hay from meadow located in the territory of Cabó, (in the exuberant mountain range of the Pyrenees) where a great variety of wild plants grows. During the last 100 years no agricultural work has been done in this area, which means that the plants and flowers are truly wild. With a wide floristic range of flowers, this hay contains more than 40 species * that include: fesue (Festuca sp.), Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum), sativa (Onobrychis viciifolia), germander felty (Teurecrium gr. Polium) … This variety makes Naturaliss very palatable and ideal for small herbivorous pets.

Located at 1,700 meters above sea level and with only 108 in the area that surrounds them, the Cabó Mountains offer a 100% natural environment, far from any type of pollution.

* The university studies, from the University of Lleida of the Departament d’Hortofructicultura Botánica i Jardineria, demonstrate the great diversity of plants in the fields where the Naturaliss hay is collected.

“We are committed to using the best quality ingredients at all times. The Naturaliss rango is ideal for your pet in every way; we have created a unique formula to ensure that all nutritional needs are met, while offering a tasty and natural food”

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Hay Naturaliss

The hay establish 70% of the feed of a rodent and that is why we collect the best pastures for them. Naturaliss hay is an exclusive 100% natural food that is collected in the wild meadows of the Pyrenees, a place without pesticide residues or chemical residues since it has not been cultivated for decades. This wild meadow contains up to 45 species of wild plants and flowers with a variety of nutrients that contribute to a healthy diet for our little pet, as well as an exquisite flavor. Our hay give a great diversity of highly palatable species such as fescue, ray grass, thyme, alfalfa, sainfoin, plantain and a long etcetera. Our agricultural system is totally respectful with the environment and does not use artificial irrigation, only rainwater. The high fiber content of our hay stimulates the metabolism for better digestion and promotes tooth wear naturally by chewing. Your rodent will feed on quality hay just as it would in the wild.

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